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Have you ever felt like no one cares about what you have been through in life? That your struggles and even happiness wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else? That your story doesn’t matter?

Don’t worry. You are not alone in this feeling. Millions of people each day feel as if they are nothing other than a living being, wandering throughout our life, with no reason other than to just merely exist.

However, I am here to tell you, that is not the case. Your story matters. Your journey matters. Your struggles matter. Your happiness matters. You matter.

Worldwide, around 385,000 babies are born each day. That’s 385,000 women who have experienced various amounts of months being pregnant — each of those pregnancies filled with a different background story. You see, no woman’s pregnancy journey is the exact same. Instead, each is filled with its own unique process. The process for some might be a joyous occasion, knowing that they are getting ready to bring a healthy baby into the world. But the process for others might be sad, knowing that their baby may not have long to live after birth.

Either way, there is a story to tell and a story to share. 

The Bible reminds us in Revelation 12:11 that we are overcome by the word of our testimony. When you give testimony, you are telling what you saw or what you know. Your pregnancy story is something you know, and your account of your experience can help others who might be going through their pregnancy as well.

There may be a first-time mom who has no close family or friends and needs someone she can ask questions to. There may be a woman who is thinking of aborting her baby and needs to hear someone’s story of hope on how they raised a child without the father being present. There may be a mother who has found out she is giving birth to a special needs child and needs a support system to lean on for encouragement. 

The possibilities for each situation are endless. However, if we never reach out to others; if we never share our stories; if we never think that our stories matter, then we will never be able to be the beacon of hope for someone else. 

Ways to Share You Story with Others

Maybe you’re open to share your story but don’t know where to start. Here are seven ideas of how you can spark a conversation with someone who may need to hear your pregnancy story: 

  1. Start a blog.
  2. Share on your social media platforms.
  3. Join a mommy group. 
  4. Say hello to someone you don’t know. 
  5. Volunteer at your local pregnancy center.
  6. Start a pregnancy ministry at your church.
  7. Pray to be led to someone who needs you.

Opportunities wait for you to share your story with others. Will you take them?  We encourage you to do so.