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Celebration of Life Banquet

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Renée Rizzo

Renee recently completed 18 years as CEO of Hope Clinic for Women, a pregnancy center founded in 1983. She took Hope Clinic from a $500,000 annual budget to $1.5 million, grew client numbers 400% while increasing breadth and depth of care. Prior to that she was the Business Administrator and Equipping Ministries Director at a church in Connecticut right outside NYC. In her volunteer time, she was a small group leader, cheerleading coach, and young adult mentor in the community. She currently is consulting/coaching executive leadership, small businesses and nonprofits, and speaking/writing throughout the region on topics like unplanned pregnancy, effects of abortion, creating healthy relationships, and the impact of co-dependency, lack of worthiness, and loss of hope.

Renee is uniquely gifted at bringing different groups of people together to find common ground/purpose; at discussing divisive topics with grace and inspiring others to be their best, most authentic self. She creates sacred space for people to show up with their humanity. She has a BS Finance/Economics; is a certified Circle Group Facilitator and Barre & Fitness Instructor. She was named to Nashville’s Business Journal of Women of Influence and a finalist for CEO of the Year Award from Center for Nonprofit Management.

Women of Life

Friday, March 24, 2023 Brandi Wilson will be CareNet’s Women of Life guest speaker at Cross Point Dickson!

Women of Life is designed for women of our community to enjoy time together, to worship, to provide encouragement, and to grow spiritually.

Because of our amazing sponsors this is a FREE EVENT!

Women from all walks of life with different backgrounds come together for one purpose only: to worship Jesus.
One of CareNet’s heartbeats is to speak life into those who walk through our doors. We also want to help speak that same life into the women of our community.