Celebration of Life!

CareNet's 2022 Banquet will be held on Thursday, November 3rd at Cross Point Church in Dickson.
Renee Rizzo will be our guest speaker!

If you missed last years banquet, no problem! Just check out our YouTube Channel.

Watch CareNet's 2021 Banquet
Simple & Easy / Ongoing Engagement

Change for Life Campaign

The Change for Life Campaign is a simple, yet effective way for your organization or church to raise awareness of CareNet’s ministry and at the same time raise needed funds.


Determine the time frame you would like to distribute the baby bottles. A 4 to 6 week time period is best. Some suggestions are:

  • January through March. Distribute the bottles on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday and have them returned the first Sunday in March.
  • Mothers Day to Fathers Day. Distribute the bottles on Mothers Day and have them returned 5 weeks later on Fathers Day.
  • Respect Life month of October. This is a great time for schools and churches to remember the value of all human life.

We then ask you to fill the bottle with change, bills, and checks. We will happily supply the bottles!


  • Bulletin announcements educate your congregation on needs within our community and women in unplanned pregnancies.
  • Individuals can take these bottles home and conveniently be a part of this LIFE saving ministry.
  • Parents can use these bottles as a teaching tool, educating their families on the God-given value of LIFE!
Women of Life

On Thursday, March 24, 2022 Lisa Harper was CareNet’s Women of Life guest speaker!

at Cross Point Dickson


Women of Life is designed for women of our community to enjoy time together, to worship, to provide encouragement, and to grow spiritually.

Because of our amazing sponsors this was a FREE EVENT!

Women from all walks of life with different backgrounds come together for one purpose only: to worship Jesus.
One of CareNet’s heartbeats is to speak life into those who walk through our doors. We also want to help speak that same life into the women of our community.
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