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Good Morning,
I have been wrestling with writing this letter for a few weeks now. As you are aware, through many media outlets, we are on the cusp of a monumental decision from the Supreme Court concerning abortion and the decision made in 1973 legalizing abortion in the United States. As we await this news from Washington, we are, unfortunately, seeing acts of violence, vandalism, and property damage as extremist groups target pregnancy centers around the country. These attacks, so far, have been carried out in Oregon, New York, Alaska, Washington, North Carolina, and Virginia. These attacks have also happened between the hours of midnight and 2 am when no one is present in the building.
CareNet Dickson has not been directly targeted or threatened, but we have implemented precautions and are in contact with local authorities to make sure that our staff, volunteers, and patients are safe. These extremist groups have detailed their desire to see pregnancy centers shutdown and silenced as we attempt to serve our communities. I anticipate these calls to violence to only intensify as we get closer to a ruling from the Court and certainly once the decision is handed down.
As we enter into this volatile situation I wanted to request something of you. Would you join me in praying, supporting, and engaging in the work of CareNet and places like it around our country? I can’t pretend to know what the Court’s decision will be, but I do believe that, in the coming days or weeks, we will see the end of Roe. I also know that the Lord has called us to this work in such a time as this to love, serve, and care for men, women, and babies in our city and beyond.
You make that happen, and today I am asking you to continue to stand with us and the greater pregnancy center movement as we serve today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Thank you for caring deeply about the work we are so honored to provide and thank you for making all of that work a reality for so many in our community.
I pray that my next correspondence will be in celebration of the ending of Roe and a future that draws us ever so close to a day where abortion is unthinkable.
Because He Lives,
Margaret Cole