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As we approach the holidays, it’s okay to admit that this year has brought all of us new challenges. Some of us have endured real hardship, and the staff and board of Care Net are no different–but there is still much to be thankful for! We’d like to take a minute and celebrate with you the wonderful work that God has accomplished through Care Net this year.


Care Net centers offer a holistic view of compassion, hope, and help to men, women, and families, enabling them to live life abundantly. As a national organization of pregnancy resource centers spread across the United States, Care Net has helped to save over 823,359 lives over the past 12 years¹. As part of this pro-abundant-life mission, in 2019 Care Net centers saved 74,575 lives, while 121,842 clients heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


This kind of work isn’t for the faint of heart, so we are deeply grateful for every person, business, and congregation that chooses to partner with us. Last year, Care Net centers were generously supported by about a half-million total donors and served by over 22,000 volunteers! Those numbers are proof that we have a great host of life-affirming people in our nation praying, giving, and offering their time to support the flourishing of our communities. 


Our local center here in Dickson, CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center, recently had our annual banquet celebrating 25 years of service to the community. We went forward with the event by adjusting plans to host half of our normal capacity and had a wonderful evening of center and client updates, fellowship, prayer, and worship. We are excited to report that by God’s hand, we were able to hit our goal of $70,000! 


Despite what this next year may bring, we are continuing to pursue our mission of supporting families at that crucial point of decision about unexpected pregnancies–and we humbly ask that you partner with us. If you would like to donate to help provide free prenatal ultrasounds, education, and materials (like free diapers, wipes, and baby clothing), just CLICK HERE. We are thankful for every single donation and for you!


¹ All statistics are from the official 2019 U.S. Care Net Statistical Report.