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No one understands the mission of CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center quite like a mom does. 


Some of us have felt the surprise and panic of an unplanned pregnancy; some of us know the pain of regret after choosing an abortion. Most of us remember the powerful and strange feeling of our baby moving around in our womb. Most of us know of the excitement of going into labor and the rush of love that came with the birth of our son or daughter. We know of the sacrifice, strength, and bone-tired joy that comes with caring for a newborn. Mothering, in all of its forms, is tough work. But it is good work and work that God has created women to do. 


Being a mom is exhausting, yes, but it is also empowering. As we grow in our own ability to care, love, and lead our little people, shouldn’t we look for ways to empower other women to step into their role as mothers with confidence? 


If you are looking for an opportunity to enable other women to become strong, healthy mothers, please consider partnering with CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center. Here are a few simple ways to get started: 


  1. Share your influence. It’s as basic as this: follow us on social media and (more importantly) share the posts! I know this seems like a small thing, but the reach of our services depends on our future clients knowing that we exist and are here for them. When you share a blog post (or an eye-catching image) from our account on your social media, you are saying, “Hey friends! I know CareNet and I trust them. You should check them out!” So, don’t hesitate to hit that ‘share’ button. 


  1. Donate your mama and baby stuff. LoRita’s Open Door is a second-hand boutique (located in the lower level of our building in downtown Dickson) and is a vital part of the ministry of Care Net. We accept gently used maternity and baby/children’s shoes and clothing, as well as baby items (such as highchairs, bathtubs, bouncy stations, etc.) and diapers. When you come to drop off your items, go ahead and spend a few minutes in the shop and get to know our volunteers and staff. You might find yourself wanting to make a difference by volunteering a few hours a week to help LoRita’s connect with our community. It’s easy and fun! 


  1. Learn more about CareNet. Our biggest fundraising event is the banquet, which happens every fall at a local church. This year we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary as an organization and ministry! Because of the pandemic, we will have fewer seats available than usual to make room for social distancing. We only have a total of 28 tables and we apologize ALL tables are taken—would you consider making a donation towards CareNet’s goal of $80,000.  With 50% fewer people attending the event, we want to make sure that everyone can contribute and make donations.  If it is on your heart to donate to CareNet please consider making a donation and making a difference.  Donate here!


CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center exists to serve women and couples facing unplanned pregnancies, while also offering ways of developing healthy mothers, fathers, and families. CareNet offers pregnancy options counseling to over 115 men and women each year, empowering them to make fully educated choices for their families. We also offer hope and forgiveness to men and women who have an abortion in their past through our abortion recovery program. If you, or someone you know, is facing an unplanned pregnancy, don’t do it alone. Contact us today.