By Jamie Allen

Hello, my name is Jamie Allen. I am a Christian who by God’s grace happens to also be a local pastor and the President of the Board of Directors of CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center for the past three years.


I have a wonderful wife, eight fantastic children and four sweet grandchildren. I strive daily to walk with the Lord, lead my family in love, and be His vessel by feeding and shepherding His flock.


In addition to all of this, why do I devote myself to the ministry of CareNet? Because I feel passionately about and believe in CareNet’s vision and mission.


CareNet envisions a culture where women and men who are faced with unplanned pregnancies are transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empowered to choose life for their unborn children and abundant life for their family.


CareNet’s mission involves acknowledging that every human life begins at conception, (Jeremiah 1:5) and is worthy of protection.  CareNet offers compassion, hope and help to anyone considering abortion by presenting them with realistic alternatives and Christ-centered support through their live affirming network of Pregnancy Centers, churches, organizations, and individuals.


Several years ago on the National Day of Prayer, the Lord laid on my heart that a prayer route should be started in our community and that several ministries should be prayed for weekly.  CareNet was one of them. As I sat down once a week with an awesome team and heard client stories (no names only situations), I saw such compassion.  I felt the Lord’s presence and knew there was a battle raging in the hearts of women that needed to be won by prayer and by skilled and loving individuals such as those at CareNet.


I was reminded of a trying time in my own life when our teenage daughter faced an unplanned pregnancy. We turned to CareNet.  They were there for us, very supportive and encouraging, and gave my precious daughter tools and spoke truth to her.  Today she is an awesome mom to my granddaughter and loving wife!


Recently the Lord has placed on my heart that CareNet should be an even greater priority because the battle for life is real and it is hard.  Society is against us but the Lord is for us.


Now I come on Mondays for a couple of hours to volunteer.  I will do anything I can to support the CareNet staff and volunteers.


I believe in our Mission and Vision.  I can hear Jesus saying about CareNet in Dickson “Well done my good and faithful servant and as you have done to the least of these you have done unto me”.


I love Jesus!  I love the great people at CareNet and I love those who are fighting this battle with us through the gifts of their talents, time and donations.


CareNet needs you!  We need not only your financial support, but also your help in ministering to those who walk through our doors.


Now is the time, please do not hesitate.