Who is welcome at CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center of Dickson? 


The young woman, a junior in high school, who recently took a pregnancy test at home for the first time and saw two little pink lines. She feels scared, confused about what will happen next, and unable to imagine her life any different. She is welcome at CareNet of Dickson. 


The couple in college who are just trying to finish their next assignment while looking forward to what life holds for them after graduation. This curveball of an unplanned pregnancy has interrupted their carefree time together and they feel stunned by the news. They are in love, but they haven’t discussed any real plans for the future. This couple is welcome at CareNet.


The single mother of three, who is overwhelmed with the daily responsibility of so many young mouths to feed and shoes to buy and hands to hold. How can she possibly take care of another one? She is welcome at CareNet.


The first-time dad, who doesn’t have a dad of his own to show him the ropes of fatherhood. He is willing to learn, and he loves his baby boy, but he needs guidance on what to do next. He is welcome at CareNet.


Who else is welcome?


Families who love other families; women and men who are looking to give back to their community; individuals who carry the burden of the unborn in their hearts and want a tangible way to show that love. 


Volunteers for LoRita’s Open Door boutique are welcome. Donors with the resources to provide and the generosity to give are welcome. The special few who feel called to learn how to counsel a woman or man in the moment of crisisthey are welcome. Churches who dare to defend babies and mothers and fathers in need. All are welcome at CareNet.


CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center of Dickson exists to show the love of God to those facing an unplanned pregnancy through the following services, free of charge: 


  • pregnancy testing
  • ultrasound imaging
  • individual and group counseling
  • material assistance (things like diapers, clothing, and formula)
  • education


CareNet is a place that welcomes all people, regardless of their past choices or situations. We work every day to create an inviting, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere for you to come and seek help for whatever you might be facing. Our trained staff is empathetic and confidential with your personal situation and we look forward to giving you the resources you need.


If you think you might be pregnant, please give us a call or text here. We are ready to come alongside you.


You are welcome at CareNet of Dickson.