My First Year…. I really want to tell you my first year was the most amazing time of my life.  I would not be honest if I spoke that statement out loud.

My first official year at CareNet was different.  Different in the fact that I have never experienced the heaviness of first, this job as CEO, but second this overwhelming issue of abortion.  The Lord has shown me in so many ways His Love and His desire for CareNet His will is for us (CareNet Staff, Volunteers, and Board) to LOVE everyone who walks through our door.  However, we need to get the patient through the door, how do we do this?

The first step we needed to take was to bring our online presence to those who need our services.  We updated our client website, and began offering a live chat option.  We have a staff member who manages this at all hours of the day and night.

The second step we needed to take was focus on those who have had a past abortion. Our biggest advertising has always been word of mouth.  That is very important.  However when women are wounded by abortion this is something that is not shared publicly.  CareNet is partnering with SaveOne Ministries and The Venue on Main Street in Downtown Dickson to bring a group setting for those who need healing from a past abortion.  We have always offered one on one counseling at CareNet.  This is one more option to help our community.

The third step, which is not really a new step it has always been on the forefront of CareNet. Our Mission.  Our Mission is to empower individuals to make an informed choice about their pregnancy and sexual health.

CareNet believes in the sanctity of human life.  We are a service organization committed to dramatically reducing the number of lives lost to or harmed by abortion.  We offer abortion alternatives, evangelism, post-abortion healing, and promote sexual purity.          

CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center believes that all human life is created by God and has infinite value.  CareNet is a service organization in partnership with the Christian community committed to dramatically reducing the number of lives lost to or harmed by abortion.  To this end, we provide free, compassionate services to each client rather than engaging in public policy efforts.  We offer alternatives to abortion, promote sexual purity, offer parenting classes and provide post-abortion counseling.

CareNet Pregnancy Medical Center is committed to excellence, integrity, and honesty in every aspect of CareNet.

Our goal is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and in deed, as we seek to minister to women and men in crisis.

When CareNet stays on Mission we will make a difference.  We need your help to continue to offer these services to our community.  Through your financial support, prayer support, and support from those who will walk someone through the decision making process.  CareNet needs each of you! Call the office today to set up a tour and learn how the next year you and your family can support CareNet.